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Hydraulic Press Plier CYO-510B
1. Crimping Range: 50-400mm2
2. Crimping Force: 13T
3. Stroke: 38mm
4. Weight: 7.2kg
Product Data:
Crimping Range:50-400mm2
Max Pressure:13T
Max Travel:38mm
Standard Moulds: 50,70,95,120,150,185,240,300, 400mm2
Crimping Type: hexagon
1. Design to accommodate hexagonal dies for applying compression fittings
    to copper,aluminum conductors.
2. Two stage pumping action for rapid ram advance to the connector hold
    position with minimum pumping cation.
3. Automatic retraction when the pressure reaches 700kg/cm2(12T)reached.
4. The glass fiber operation insulates the stick,can bear the electric voltage
    200KV,keeping the minute.
5. 180degree rotatable head.
6. The pressure outside the body adjusts to press the valve,do not need the
    whole structure to lie down.
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