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crimping Hydraulic Tools Safety system inside
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      Crimping Range

      Crimping Force
      Crimping Type
      Hexagon Crimping
      540 mm
      plastic case
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    Company Information
      YUHUAN XIONGZHOU TOOLS CO.,LTD.  is high-tech company with unique design,producing and selling Hydraulic crimping Tools,Cutting, Bending, Punching Tool,Crimping Tool,Tube Bender And other Hydraulic Tools,Meet customers a variety of processing operations standards.

    we Mainly Hydraulic Tools series :
    Hydraulic crimping Tools
    Hydraulic Rebar Cutter Tools
    Hydraulic Tube Bender
    Hydraulic Cable Cutter

    Note the use of Hydraulic Tools should be:
    1,Hydraulic Tools although filled with hydraulic oil, but its moving parts should be lubricated regularly.
    2,when filling hydraulic oil should not be overfilled, completely filled with hydraulic oil will have much vacuum, hydraulic oil can not flow from the container, thus affecting the normal work.
    3,If Hydraulic Tools appears resilient phenomenon, should be immediately removed.
    4,when Hydraulic Tools does not reach the full, timely filling of the original brand of hydraulic oil, not with brake fluid, gear oil or other oil instead.
    5,When Hydraulic Tools can not be retracted, should be promptly evacuated, and the plunger also check whether there is the phenomenon of bending or coupling is intact.
    6,when the hydraulic cylinder pressure drops, check the drain valve is fully closed or if there is dust ball defects When
    7,as normal work time, but not a second job to deal with Hydraulic Tools cleaning and re-oiling.
    8,strictly prohibited in the absence of fully unloaded, suddenly opening high-pressure cylinder and hose connector.

  •   1.   The type of hydraulic hand crimper tool for interchangeable dies
      2.   Crimping head, H- type, rotates 180° degree.
      3.   The hydraulic hand tool has two stages speed of ram.
      4.   With safety valve inside the crimping tools.
      5.   Manual retract in case of need.

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